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Digital companions who support your well-being

How people feel about TalkToPoppy!


"This app is great, I love everything about Poppy."

Meet Poppy and her friends—the first AI-powered digital personas that really care how you feel. ​Through conversation, they support your well-being and help you understand your emotions. 

Digital personas

Poppy, Anthony, Seb, Kai... They all are sophisticated digital personas — your everyday AI companions capable of having a natural and engaging conversation. They are designed on the development platform Flowstorm.

Our mission

We combine the latest research in artificial intelligence and psychology to help people improve life satisfaction, support personal growth, and establish healthy habits as effective prevention to mental health issues, leading to better general well-being.

Science-based approach

The app is being developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including psychologists. The interaction with the personas is based on established psychological methods.

Personalized interaction

Enjoy the exciting experience of talking with an AI who is able to recognize human moods and learns from each conversation more about the world of feelings and emotions. Every user's needs and states of mind are different and so are the interactions.

TalkToPoppy! is the pilot project of PromethistAI.


Talk to Poppy and see how much better you can feel!