Digital companions who empower you.

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How people feel about TalkToPoppy!


"It helped me with my anxiety and depression.
Looking forward for future updates on this app."

These are not easy times, and many people may be struggling with their mental well-being

Digital Personas

We would like to introduce you to our prototypes of digital personas who care about your mental well-being. Meet Poppy and her friends!


The personas talk with you about your emotions using techniques based on established psychological methods.

Our mission

We aim to combine the latest research in artificial intelligence and psychology to open up new possibilities in mental health care.


Enjoy the exciting experience of talking with an AI who is able to recognize human moods and learns from each conversation more about the world of feelings and emotions.


Talk to Poppy and see how much better you can feel!


Nikola Doubková

Non-judgemental help

"Poppy is here for you, listening to what you are saying —she won't judge you, she won't underrate your troubles.

She's ready to talk with you about everything that bothers you and that you might be afraid to share with others."


vít jakimiv
chief designer

Improve your communication

"We do not seek to replace communication between humans.

Talking to Poppy can help you organize your thoughts and thus it can contribute to the building of your self -esteem – this can make you in effect a better communication partner for other people."